Christmas at Our House, Continues

Christmas is such a special time. Christmas to me means family & hopefully lots of it. My kids & grand kids are literally spread from 1 coast to the other so it's very seldom that we get together. This year my son & his 3 little ones were here for Thanksgiving so that's when our Christmas started. Damon our oldest grandson will be here on the 22nd!! The last Christmas we had with Damon was in 2002. I keep hoping that just once they will all make it home at the same time, but with Military kids it'll probably will never happen. Oh well, you learn to enjoy what your given! The little quilt hung on point is one I designed for a paper piecing class, way back when.
The Santa & Tree banner was a gift from Jill!

In a normal house the TV would be here!                  Damon helped me string this Popcorn 12 years ago!

I made the basket wall quilt using a pattern from an older McCall's Quick Quilts. And the table runner on the rocker, I made using blocks won in a quilt guild block drawing.