Quilter's Flower Garden Block

Another of my blocks! This is the Violet block!

We're having the big melt off .
It's been 40 & 50 degrees & all the snow is melting but the ground is still frozen so the water has no were to go. Sure makes feeding horses fun! I was tip toeing through the mud & the muck today, trying not to get my pants dirty & Custer, our 4 yr. old Missouri Fox Trotter, came running up & got me clear up past my knees! Animals are so much fun.

Still working in my Sewing Room. I was going through some baggies of quilt blocks & came across a set of 16 - 4 1/2" blocks that the quilt guild I belonged to for 10 yrs in Troy MT. gave me as outgoing president in 2001.There were a lot more members than 16, but I think the size of the block scared them off. I think they were all supposed to do scrappy blues. But as you can see, there are a few non-conformers in the group. Anyway I just had to give cleaning a rest & sew the blocks together. Here is my little top all ready to quilt! Happy Sewing!

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Sue R said...

Teresa, did you design these flower blocks or were they from a local shop Block of the Month? I really like them. I'm not a gardener, and quilted flowers are the next best thing! Your president's quilt is a very interesting pattern!