Mom's Pillow

I woke up this morning thinking about my Mom. She was a very brave, stubborn & loving woman. I lost her in May of 2004 after living many years with crippling pain. She loved sewing & crafting of all types. She loved to start new quilts, but because of her disabilities very rarely finished any. I have a dozen + unfinished quilts that I'm slowly working on. My plan in the finish them & give one to each of her grandchildren. And if there are enough maybe her Greats to. Her birthday was November 23rd so I would always visit her at Thanksgiving & celebrate with her! Her last year was the year for Crazy Quilting. She was collecting all these really pretty fabrics & wanted to learn to Crazy quilt. I knew she could not do much as her health was declining badly, so I told her a little white lie & asked her to send me some of her pretty fabric for a crazy quilt block our Quilt Guild was supposedly doing. As it was already Nov. 1st. I needed to hurry so I used the fancy stitches & embroidery features on my machine & her fabric to make her this Throw Pillow. Her face lite up when I gave it to her. And even though she could barely walk, she asked me to take her to her Quilt Guild & Arts & Crafts Guild meetings so she could show it off!!! Nobody was allowed to use her pillow or else. She kept it in a plastic cover to keep it clean & I still have it in it's plastic cover just as she left it!


Sue R said...

I'm sure you must really miss your mother, and what a lovely rememberance of her!

Teresa said...

(((hugs))) to you. A very sweet post and testament to the wonderful mother you had. Thank you for sharing.

Wendy said...

What a great thing to do for your family by finishing your mom's quilts...you must thing of her as you hold those fabrics in your hands and work with them. I am sure they will really love each one that you finish.