It's Snowing!

Here's old Joker, enjoying the snow!

And Max!

And Sadie

And why am I out here????? Because I was planning on talking pictures of the 2 quilts I finished. But it's snowing & the dogs are all excited & keep getting in the way. Come on Mom it's time to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joker kept bumping my leg & Max was bouncing around like Tigger & Sadie, who just turned 2, still thinks she a "LITTLE" puppy that can fit between my legs! And where is the cat through all this, right were any sensible cat would be..............................

But I did get pictures of Firefly Quilt, label & all


Anonymous said...

Your dogs are adorable. I really want to get a dog of my own, but I will be patient and wait until a more appropriate time.

Michelle said...

Beautiful quilt and furbabies. :)