The Christmas Rush is on!

I'm a Procrastinator! I admit it. I always wait to long to get started on everything, then the mad rush is on. So where have I been? Hiding in my sewing/computer room on a rolling chair going from machine to computer, that's where! It's a wonder I'm not getting motion sickness. I love to make gifts for my family, but with the move & still unpacking & now decorating for Christmas, I'm way behind. All that the kids are getting that's hand crafted will be the family calendar & Freestanding lace ornaments. That's the pile of parts & pieces on the table waiting to be put together. And yes there is a skeleton in the mix! It's for my 15 year old grandson, who likes the weird! Only 5 more ornaments to go & binding the calendars. More pics to follow.

Now, meet my 5 wonderful Grand kids, Dam, Vic, Cissie, Joey & Mary. Is this Blackmail material or what! I just may have to make one of these with the dogs & cat!! Happy Sewing....

Edited:: I am having way to much fun morphing everything into elves!! Now if only I could get them to stop dancing & get to work!!

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