The Fed Ex Man lives, just barely!

It all started with a call from my cousin in California.

Me: Hi Dee, how have you been?

Dee: Good, ah did you get the quilts I mailed you.

Me: When did you ship them & who did you use.

Dee: Fed Ex and on the 12th.

Me: Which address did you use, we have a physical & a mailing.

Dee: The HC one.

Me: That's the USPS mailing address but no problem, they are probably holding it trying to find out were it goes. Give me the tracking number. SHI%%**#

Dee: What?

Me: They delivered it on the 16th to an A. See... different first name & last name one letter off.

Well as you can imagine the panic was starting to set in & between me & Dee there was probably 20 traces between Ca. & NV. for that box. On Saturday the Fed Ex drivers wife delivered it to my door. It's a good thing it wasn't him because if he had showed his face right then, I might have feed him to the dogs!! I know the box was miss addressed but you don't just pick an address or name that's close, you CALL the phone number that's printed on the address label & find out where it goes.

I've been waiting for these quilts for awhile now. Every time we planned to meet up to get them someone got sick & there was 2 deaths in the family, so Dee decided to surprise me & mail them. Bet she never does that again!
Let's see; that's the Shadow Star ,top left from Judy L's quilt for an hour. This one is going to DGD Cissie.
The brown, red & green flannel is from about 7 or 8 years ago, I think it came from a McCall's Quick Quilts mag. I'm keeping this one myself!
Top Right; one of my Mom's UFO's. This one is going to my son.
Middle quilt on right, Feathered Star in Batiks. This is for my oldest DGD Vic.
Bottom right; Disappearing Nine patch for youngest DGD Mary.

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SueR said...

Wow, you were really lucky. I hold my breath every time I have to ship a quilt, just for this reason!