Mom's Legacy of UFO's

One of my main Quilting goals this year is to finish all 8 of my mothers unfinished quilts. Here's the stats so far

1 Finished, picture to follow
1 waiting for binding
2 on the way to be quilted
4 sets of blocks waiting

These are all going to my mothers 8 Grandchildren when finished.
Today I designed quilts for 3 of these block sets in EQ and here's the results:
The Patriotic Heart Blocks- Heart blocks, scrappy. I just Need to make the chain blocks!

The Scrappy Plaid Monkey Wrench Blocks.

The Plaid Houses & 1 lone Bears Paw in like color.

The last set of blocks is a sampler quilt complete (hopefully) with all the fabric. I have a feeling that one will be the last to finish. No picture of it yet.


Lori in South Dakota said...

Only 8 UFO's? Well, my mother only left one UFO, but lots of other stuff. Fabric. Notions. Zippers.

SueR said...

I haven't got any daughters, so I shudder to think what will happen with all my beautiful fabric and ufo's when I'm gone! You're almost halfway there with your mom's quilts, and I like your plans for the other half. Love the monkey wrench! Don't you just love EQ?

Quilter In Paradise said...

I have only daughters-in-law, and she doesn't sew! What a great thing to do for your Mom.. and a great piece of her love to pass on the family.