Have a wonderful "Safe" weekend

I have 2 more days with my son Travis before he returns to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, with military children you never know when the next visit will be. I haven't seen my Navy daughter in person in 4 years, so we are flying to Virginia next month. We will only have 5 days but I've learned to make the most of the little time you have. As Travis is stationed only a few hours away I'm hoping he will be able to drive up for the weekend! Then my 2 oldest G -kids will be coming to NV with us. Vic is 17 & just graduating from high school, she will be staying for 2 weeks. Damon is 16, last summer was the first summer he couldn't come & I think he missed it as much as we did! He'll be staying a month. I love all my grand kids dearly, but I do have to say that I looking forward to the teens verses the toddlers, I'm still recuperating!!
Have a wonderful weekend & please take the time to think about the men & women who gave their lives so we could feel safe!


Sue H said...

Thank you to you and your family for their service to our country. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Robin said...

My son has been in the AirForce for the past 8 years with the first 5 of them being stationed on Okinawa so I understand what it's like not seeing them for a few years. Now he is in Kansas and it's still hard to see him! Enjoy your time with them!