Tote Bags, Boxer's & Pillowcases

While my 2 oldest G-kids were here they kept me busy sewing for them! Let's see, the first thing I heard was you are making pillowcases this year aren't you? You know if you don't this will be the 1st time!! Then it was grandma do you think you can make me a tote bag? Then of course my middle daughter wasn't going to be left out, so another tote... Then it was, do you think you could whip up some boxer shorts for me. It's a good thing I really love these kids. But next year I'm teaching them to sew!! And here is the results: Damon & Vic both had to pick all the own fabrics. Some of their choices really surprised me. Hannah wanted Sunflowers & orange. The black tote is one I made 5 or 6 years ago & really liked so when I needed a zippered bag for a carry on to Virginia I used coordinating fabrics & the Summer Tote pattern by Lazy Girls Designs.

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SueR said...

You know, it surprises me how much kids seem to love pillowcases. Our group is making some to donate too. Great job with the pillowcases and boxers, and the totes are wonderful!