Another UFO finished!

Another one bites the dust!! I started this 4 years ago as a baby quilt for my youngest granddaughter. Well, at the 6 month PG mark my DIL changed her mind & wanted something old fashioned with a light sage green color. I was a little upset at the time as this quilt had a whole lot of pieces so it was thrown in a tote & I gave her a quilt already finished that was real close to what she wanted! This one is going to my niece for her little boy due on the 16th... So maybe it was meant to be after all.

On a happy, throw a party note, I finished the last of my Mom's UFO's!!! All 3 of them are at the quilters now. Only I forgot to get a picture before so you'll all just have to wait... Now on the the Christmas Ornaments.

Credit's: Quilts for Kids by Lisa Christensen


Millie said...

Love your Fish quilt...beautiful!

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Really cute quilt. Love the fabrics, I fact I think I have some of the same ones. Your niece is a lucky girl to have such a nice aunt!

Gio Drakes said...

Nice quilt. I love how colorful it is. What is the name of the pattern? I would love to try something like that sometime.