Mom's Unfinished Legacy of Quilts # 6

If we can get through the pass into Ca we're off for a week of family. You notice I didn't say vacation, because I have never considered visiting family as relaxing. Which is what a vacation in supposed to do. Oh well, at least I won the where to stay battle & get to stay with Dee, my friend, cousin & fellow quilter. So you all think of me while you enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And to leave you with so quilted eye candy. The is the 6th of my mothers UFO's. I'm calling it "Bear in the Cabin's". My Mothers passed in May of 2004 leaving me with a mind boggling amount of fabric, patterns, books, UFO's. You name it, it was there! I'm slowly finishing the UFO's & giving 1 to each of her grandchildren. This is my nephew, Keith's quilt. I started with the house blocks, the 1 large bears paw block, lot's of plaids & with EQ's help this is what I came up with... Sorry about the wrinkles, it was in a box & going right back in to be mailed.


Michelle said...

So cool to give your mom's grandchildren such a wonderful remembrance. Keith's quilt is terrific! I'm sure he'll love it.

SueR said...

You've been working on your mom's quilts a long time. I think it's wonderful that you're finishing up her projects and sharing them with the family. Hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving!