363 Days to go!

Our Christmas Sunrise
 Well it's over for another year. All the madness & rushing around. All the midnight sewing. All the cleaning & cooking, wrapping & decorating. Now we have a whole year to think about getting started early & still madly rush to finish everything we want to before Santa's big night. I haven't decided if we're all just nuts or do we really enjoy it? Me, I actually did very little sewing this Christmas. I made a few ornaments & that was it. This was a hard one for me. Both my oldest & youngest child are away serving our country. My grand kids are in Virginia & Oregon. So it was just us 3 & between the rain, snow, mud & ice, it seems we had little energy left over. So we had a simple Christmas with just a few small gifts, a few decorations & a really nice quiet dinner. And it seemed to be just what we needed!

Christmas ornaments 2010

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Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your ornaments look great! Looks like you still have snow. Ours all melted. It has been replaced with fog.