Mom's Legacy of Unfinished Quilts # 7 & 8 are finished at last!!

 I'm now finally officially done with Mom's UFO's. We lost Mom in 2004, I didn't start working on these until the winter of 2005. 8 large full to queen size quilts & 1 wall hanging. When I'm not doing the happy dance, I'm slowly working on my own UFO's. As I was sorting through Mom's mountains of books, fabric, patterns, UFO's & everything in between I made a promise to my kids not the do that to them. So I went through all my unfinished projects & made 2 piles. 1 to finish & 1 to donate. I donated fabric & UFO's to several groups that finish them & give them to shelters for men, women & children plus I used 125 yards of fabric in pillowcases for good causes! Let me tell you working on my own & finishing Mom's UFO's & donating the rest feels great. A fresh start!! I still have a list of my own but most of those are small & easily finished projects. Will I start any new projects? Probably but I'm making sure if I start it I finish it...

Rose Sampler for daughter #1      &    Monkey's Wrench for daughter #2

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