Christmas with the little ones...

Christmas started at Thanksgiving for us this year! Our son had 10 days leave before shipping out to Afghanistan again. So while we had Trav & our 3 youngest grand kids, we celebrated!! We baked, decorated, crafted, rode horses & had so much fun. The days went by way to fast but we made wonderful memories!

Both Trav & our daughter Shana are in the military. Marine & Navy, we couldn't be more proud of them. Both will be shipping out in early December.  Gives us a good reason to have another party when they're home!!

Now on the the grand kids. Cute, cuter & cutest!!
Making Ornaments!

Can't have Christmas without the stockings & sleepy kids!!

To be continued when Blogger acting better...

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Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Glad to see a post from you. Your grandkids are getting big. They sure are cute. Stockings made by Grandma are cute too!