Making Ornaments ~ 2011

I will have made about 60 ornaments this year, when I'm done. A lot more than usual. It all started with those reindeer! I make personalized, dated ornaments for my family & close friends every year. It's my way of saying, I'm thinking of you. They're all made on my embroidery machine.
The horse heads are for a special project I'm working on. More about them in it's own post.
And then there's the weird, yet to be seen ornaments for Damon's tree! But you'll have to wait to see those ...
Let's see , so far I've made 20 secret weird ones, 14 Reindeer, 6 horse heads, 4 gingerbread men, 3 Patchwork Snowmen, 3 Military Ribbons, 2 cowboy boots, 2 sugar skulls, 2 caffeine Santa's, 1 wedding heart, 1 old truck, 1 snoopy, 1 flower, 1 heart snowman, 1 funny frog, 1 alien Santa and a pirate ship in a pear tree! OK, there really is no tree, maybe next year...

And just to keep you interested, here's a little sneak peek at Damon's tree! I did say weird, didn't I...

These are all designs I bought or got free on the Internet.
*Embroidery Library
*Urban Threads
*Snow Lady Designs
*Sew Terific
*Embroidery Garden
*Embroidery Designs
*A purchased Snoopy set
*Sew Dragon Designs
*Moose B Stitchin
Have I ever mentioned that I'm a Design Junky!!

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Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Wow Teresa that's a lot of ornaments. I sure love the ones you sent to me!