Damon's Buttons

As I was finishing up a friends birthday gift today, I needed a couple of matching buttons. So out came the gallon jars of buttons & you just have to dump them to find those perfect ones, right. As I was digging through them I was thinking how my oldest grandson is turning 19 tomorrow. Where did the time go?? Damon lived with us for most of his first 6 years & spent hours in the sewing room with me. His favorite game was counting & matching the buttons. He played with them for hours. Then he would get the chicken pincushions & play pin the button on the chickens!! Oh how I miss those times. At 3 he was matching fabric, knew what a fat quarter was & picking out the bestest quilts to make for him.
Here he is at 5. He was digging through a box of kid fabrics & found this Dino print. Then he designed the top & picked out all the fabrics right down to the binding!

 So Damon, what do you want on the back? Gramma, I want you to take all the leftover fabric & sew it together!! The back took 3 times as long to piece as the top! But just look at that smile...

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QuiltSue said...

What lovely memories.

Does he still have that quilt?