1st Project for 2008

My 1st project to finish in 2008 is my teenage GD's quilt! She's only been impatiently waiting for over a year. I have a little more embroidery to do on it & to quilt it. She told me what colors to use & I added yellow & green. This girl loves orange, which is a color I like to but don't usually add to my quilts unless there are leaves involved! As soon as I finish the embroidery work I'll take some more pictures of it.The is a pattern by Patti Anderson who teaches at Quilt University. I had really planned to work on it this afternoon, as there was 0 sunshine & it was snowing hard enough to make the visibility poor. So I loaded up the wood box, feed all the animals & drove into town to get food for the weekend. As soon as I got home it stopped snowing & the sun came out. So I think all go enjoy it while it lasts & play with the dogs.

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AJ said...

I love the embroidery work on it. Makes me want to run out and buy an embroidery machine.