Using My Stash

I had a very quiet day today. We only got 2" of snow yesterday, so I swept off the porch & a quick path to the jeep, while the dogs played in the snow! I have my GD's quilt pin basted & will start machine quilting it next week. When my 15 yr. old GS Damon was here last summer he informed me that I had not made him a new quilt in years! I asked what the last quilt was I made him, well it was the Dinosaur quilt when he was either 5 or 6. So he went through my patterns & fabric & decided on the Weaver Fever quilt by Jackie Robinson of http://www.animas.com/. I've made this quilt before & thought it was fun. Here are the fabrics he chose. Boy, was I surprised as he dresses in lots of Blacks these days. But I had the Tiger print that he liked it so he started with that. Damon is very good at color selection, when he was small I would take him to the Quilt shop were I worked. He was never shy about informing customers that those color do not go together, here try this one! And he was probably the only 3 yr. old that knew what a FQ was. Good thing he was so cute! Here are the dogs enjoying the snow. Max is in front, Joker laying down & Sadie in the back.

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