Colddddddddd Today!

Boy, what a start for 2008. It was 10 below at 6am & the high today was 8. Why do I live here? Even the dogs stayed in most of the day. When I feed the horses I gave them a little extra hay to help them stay warm. Gave them a very quick pat & headed to the house as fast as I could! So how long do we have to wait for spring?
I sorted the strips for my grandsons quilt into 14 stacks for making the strip sets, & then I read in front of the fire until 3. Not a very productive day, but a relaxing one. As my husband works about 2 hours from home & works 12 hr days, he stays there 8 days & comes home for 6. So I don't even have to cook until Wednesday!!!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful New Years Day, now I think I'll go sew for awhile.........

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