Mr. Cat aka "the devil cat"

Do you have a cat? Have you ever had to give him any med's? Why don't they make pet med's, pet friendly? Shouldn't it taste & smell like Tuna Fish. You see Mr. Cat is about 16 yrs. old now & for the last 10 yrs at least once a yr, his left front paw swells up to 4 times it's normal size & gets infected. This started after a nasty cat fight in his misspent youth & 3 different vets still scratch there head, when I bring him in.Well, we are on another round of med's. It started out easy with capsules that I open & mix with canned food or tuna. At day 4 he refused to eat it. So after 2 days of this, back to the vet we go. She sent me home with a liquid PINK antibiotic's & a syringe. Boy, were having fun now! First dose, I wrapped him a towel on my lap, opened his mouth & squirted it in & tried to hold his mouth shut & rub his throat. As he was coughing & spitting & he managed to get 1 paws out with claws extended. Damages done pink spots on pants, shirt & carpet. Scatch on arm & neck & claw in the thigh. What fun & we have to do this how long? Dose 2 , we did a little better. Mr. Cat was laying on the pink spotted towel I had left on the floor while I took care of my wounds. So I got another towel, tossed in over him, kneeled down with him between my knees, opened his mouth & acutally got the med's in, that is until he sneezed it all over the rug. But I think we are getting the hang of this. I sure could use a couple extra arms. The bottle says take until gone. Does anybody want a cranky old cat?

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Kim said...

Ah cats and the pink medicine . I have to laugh as we have a cat that DD in her punk rock days named her cat Cyd Vicous ( spelling is because Cyd is a girl- surprise surprise) At least once a year Cyd needs some kid of stitches or surgery and we have been giving her the meds. Our dr gives us more than needed and we compansate by giving her more as we wear half of it. But it's always a challenge- ope Mr Cat is feeling better