Damons Quilt

I finally got to sew for a short while today. I pieced 1 full block for my GS - Damon's quilt to see if everything is in the right order, now only 23 to go.

No snow today, but a very cold 16 degree's. I sure miss the flowers blooming outside, but my Great Grandmother African Violets are all starting to bloom!!! So thought I share the colors!
I'm slowly working on the Carolina Crossroads mystery, I'm way behind as usual. Have you seen all the great color combination that everyone has come up with! I love the Scrappy look, but they are all great! I'm off to sew a little before bed!!

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Debbie said...

I love the pictures of the African violets. My grandmother kept many pots of violets in her kitchen window. It was always so pretty. I long to have a violet or two now but I just don't have a good place for them to grow and bloom. I also loved your cat medicine story. I have two cats and have had the pleasure of giving them medicine on several occasions!