Blog Awards, patterns & home remodeling

Debbie from Makin' Quilts has passed this award onto me. Thank you Debbie for the honor! Give me a few days & I will pass it on to another wonderful blog.

I've uploaded the chain block for the Indian Summer quilt. This one is all rotary cutting. Soon I will have the border patterns up! Hope you enjoy it.

And finally we have all the house painting done. And just in time as I'm all crippled up for the next week or 2. I dropped the garden rake & took a step back to pick it up & leave it to me to step on it & put a tine through my shoe & into my foot. Ouch is right! So I have to soak it & elevate it for most of the day. If you've ever thought it sounded nice to lay around & read all day , it's not as nice & relaxing as it sounds. My daughter is still here & she won't even let me near a sewing machine. The only reason I'm allowed to sit at the computer is because my feet are in a tube of hot water & Epson Salts! She would have made a great nurse!

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