Exploring White Pine County

My daughter & I played hooky & went exploring a few mornings ago! There is nothing like cool crisp fall air & a drive in the mountains to start your day! So I thought I would share just a little with you. First we hiked around the Ward Charcoal Ovens built around 1876.

They have several trails in the area & a nice camp ground & lots of deer, elk, antelope,rabbits, birds, coyote's & ground squirrel. Oh & snakes! We didn't see any animals that morning but after seeing this track maybe it was for the best. I do believe this is the biggest elk track I've seen for awhile.
Then we went to Cave Lake State Park & wondered around! Very pretty little lake with great fishing, so they say. I'm not much of a fisherman. But I don't mind sitting on shore with my nose in a book or daydreaming while someone else spends a few hours playing with fishing line. And if I don't catch it I don't have to clean it, right! And just to show you that we do have trees with fall color in Nevada, maybe nothing like what you would see back east. But very pretty in it's own right! Oh & last, but not least there was that wild Nevada Desert Moose lurking in the trees!

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Sue R said...

Sounds like you are settled in. You certainly are located in some beautiful country. The ovens are really interesting. What are they from?