Moving in, It's not an easy job!

I've been in Nevada a little over a month. I never thought it would take me so long to unpack. But we've made 2 weekend trips to Idaho & I ended up with a head cold that doesn't want to go away. And we still have to go back for one more horse in early October. I'm still wondering why we thought we needed another horse right in the middle of selling one house & buying another & in another state at that. Must have been a case of temporary insanity on both our parts! Oh well, I'll just have to buck up & make the drive. It's about 8 hours driving straight through but coming back with a very scared 18 month filly will take a lot longer.
Here is my new sewing room in progress. I'm hoping to finish this week! Maybe!!!

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scraphappy said...

It looks like your new sewing area will fabulous when it is finished. Good luck with transporting the horse. I'm sure it will all be worth it eventually.