Not sure if it's Fall or Winter!

One day the top temp was in the low teens to 20's & 2 days later it's 40 to 60! We had a snowstorm just a few days ago... Defiantly the start of Quilting Season! If you look real close you can see the 3 horses huddling under the awning.

Here is another of my Mom's UFO's in progress. This one is going to my oldest daughter Shana. I'm hoping to have this one & the Plaid Hole in the Barn door quilt to the machine quilter soon. Then only 1 more to go. You can bet I'll be doing the biggest happy dance you've ever seen. That is if you could see it because I sure won't be taking pictures!! I'm making it a life time goal to either finish what I start or donate it to someone that will. I feel really good about finishing all Mom's quilts but I not passing my UFO's on to my kids. Now the unused fabric, thread & quilt books they will just have to deal with (:

This is a EQ version showing the borders & here are the blocks. It will finish just under 100".

And here is my niece Tiffany with her quilt!! This was the 1st of Mom's UFO's that I finished. Happy Fall

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Apple Avenue Quilts said...

The snow looks depressing. I need fall before winter. It's been cold here, but no snow yet. The quilts are looking good. Glad your niece sent a picture.