My Quilting Goals for 2010 & UFO Pic's

In 2009 I made a list of goals I hoped to accomplish. Well I think I did pretty good.
*I finished all my Mom's UFO's, the last 3 are at the quilters.
*I used over 200 yards of fabric from my stash.

*My machine embroidery files are about 90% organized.

* Finished a quilt for each of my Grand kids

* Finished 6 of my UFO's

* Made 4 Tops for Charity + donated several almost finished tops & fabric

* I haven't made a 2nd wedding quilt for daughter # 1 but the pattern has been chosen.
* And I was still sewing for Christmas 2 days before. Not sure I'll ever make this goal. I just can't seem to get motivated before Dec 1st!

Now on to 2010
#1. Complete the unfinished 2009 goals!
#2. Finish 6 more of my UFO's
#3. Make a Flannel quilt for my bed
#4. Finish all the Quilt Unv. EQ6 classes
#5. Donate several tops, quilts or pillowcases & fabric
#6. Enjoy Life
Bonus Goal: Use another 200+ yards of fabric from my stash!!

This morning I went through boxes & totes hunting up all the unfinished projects I have left. I'm getting down there! Only 12 to go, TWELVE!!
The 1st picture is almost finished tops:
1 Black Stained Glass needs borders (finish for daughter#2) 2000-
2 Bears Paw needs borders (will be donated to someone) 1996-
3 Baskets needs a little more Button Hole stitch & quilted 2000-
4 Thimblesberries "Safe Haven" needs quilted ?
5 Batik Lone Star needs quilted 2000-
6 Machine Embroidered Bears of the Month, need to make 4 more blocks 2005-

2nd Picture starting top left:
7 Quilters Flower Garden needs borders 2003-
8 Scottie Dogs needs 2 more blocks & pieced together 2000-
9 Starburst, Finish piecing 2006-
10 Lower left, Thimbleberries Got to find the rest of the fabric 1998-
11 Bernina Christmas Pillows finish 2006-
12 Bow Tie started for my husband in 1958 by his Grandmother
That's it, all 12 UFO's That's all I could find. :) Happy Quilting


Debra said...

I think you made a serious dent in your UFOs during 2009! You Go!

MyJourneyBack said...

I love your goals. My first goal was to sew every Sat. at least. I need to make a goal list. Thanks for the inspiration. I'll come back and cheer you on. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
Have a great week,