Lifting Spirits with Operation Pillowcase

Have you thought about what type of projects you might want to do to help others. There are lot's out there. All very good causes. I've been watching & reading, waiting for that one to catch my eye. I would love to help more but physically & economically I know I can't, so I wait to decide until one really grabs me. Many of you know my son & nephew are Marines & my daughter & son in law are Navy. Also my dad & 1 brother in law were Army & 2 brothers & 2 brothers in law were Air Force. I think I almost have all the different branches covered. So when I read Debra's blog this morning I thought that's the one! For the last hour, I've been pulling fabric & I'll be making pillow cases for the next several weeks! These guy's & gal's really have a tough job, terrible weather extremes, missing friends & family. It only takes about 15 minutes to make a simple pillowcase & if it will lift their spirits & let them know someone cares, I'll do it gladly! So if you have a few minutes & a yard of fabric let someone know you care...
Here is a link to the blog Debra started this morning... Operation Pillowcase

This picture is of my son Travis in Babylon, during his 1st of 2 deployments to Iraq. He will be heading to Afghanistan in late summer or early fall.

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Debra said...

Thank You for the post and for the pillowcases! You know they will be loved.