Snow & 90's all within a week!!

Well, I think summer is finally here. We had snow on May 30th & now it's in the 90's!! I'm loving the heat!! I've been a really bad blogger so far this year, just can't seem to take time to post... You noticed I said take not find!

I have been sewing, designing & quilting, not a lot but some. I got the last 3 of my Mom's Legacy of unfinished quilts back from the quilter. I finished the binding on the 1st & am working on the 2nd. It will be so nice to get these completely out of my hair. I'll have pictures soon. I've also ordered EQ7. I can't wait. I've been playing with the Bow Tie blocks in EQ6 & here's the design I'm thinking about. I would have to make 12 more blocks but because there or several different fabrics & colors I think I can come up with something This quilt would be king size so I can use it once in a while instead of storing it away. What do you think?

The local guilds quilt show is coming up July 2,3 & 4 & I still have a challenge quilt to finish up. So I'll be busy but will get pictures posted soon. Now I off to enjoy the sun!


Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Looks great!

SueR said...

Well, isn't that a fun design to use for your bow ties! So after these three quilts of your mom's are bound, are all the unfinished quilts finished? You've been working on them a long time it seems. You will LOVE EQ7! I ordered soon as it was available, so I have mine already. Cool new stuff!