Christmas at our house!

I'm one of the weird ones that has small trees throughout the house. Just wait till you see the one in my 18 yr. old grandson's room. Then you'll know how strange I really am! But that ones still in progress & for another post. Today I'll share my quilting room & bedroom...

                                                                            My Bedroom
Santa was a gift from Jill! Cardinal Quilt & stockings, I made. 

                Gift form Jill !                                                                  My Quilting Room Tree!  
I hope you enjoyed this small peek into our home.
As you can my decorating style varies from
traditional to the weird & wacky, to just plain cute.
Never could make up my mind.  


corina said...

I'm not one for Christmas quilts, but your Cardinal quilt is exquisite. I may have to make one like it! Who is the pattern by if you don't mind me asking.

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your house is looking beautiful. Can't wait to see the grandson D's tree! Cute little angel! It good to see your quilts again!!!